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As part of our ongoing work with Fremantle Prison, we were commissioned to create a public art installation on the Fairbairn Street Ramp.

The art installation was designed to depict and interpret the original use of the ramp as an arrival point for convicts to the prison. Fremantle Prison staff had developed the vision to create a piece that would activate this under-utilised space on the approach to this World Heritage listed site.

The client drew inspiration from similar metal installations that would ‘silhouette’ the artwork when backlit at night against the existing limestone wall. A particular challenge in this approach is the limited level of detail available when only working in 2-dimensions. It is important to ensure characters do not look simplistic or comical, yet are imbued with enough personality to tell a story that the public can relate to, interact and engage with.

Finally with any public art piece, special consideration is required to ensure it has the strength to endure – not only the elements but also the public.


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