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Gallagher is proud to partner with the Australian Web Industry Association (AWIA).

To bring additional value to your membership, Gallagher has built an exclusive, highly competitive and tailored risk management and insurance solution for you. Gallagher’s combined professional indemnity and public liability, broader material damage and general insurance package provides a host of benefits to AWIA members and ensures coverage across the diverse range of activities that you undertake on a daily basis.

What activities does the policy cover AWIA members for?

Gallagher covers AWIA members working within a number of different web related fields including hosting, web design, web development, search engine optimisation, search marketing, consulting, training, social media and all associated activities as declared and agreed with the insurer.

Gallagher encourages all members to take out additional personal insurances, such as life insurance, health insurance and income protections, in accordance with your own needs and circumstances. 

Who is insured?

All directors and/or partners and employees. If you engage contractors in your business, please speak to the Gallagher team about whether they are covered by your policy. 

What kind of insurances are incorporated into the program?

Gallagher has developed an insurance program for AWIA members that provides broad public and product liability and professional indemnity cover.

What are the benefits of the program for AWIA members?

  1. Price – the package that Gallagher has tailored for AWIA members represents excellent value for money, is highly competitive and offers a very broad range of cover for activities specific to your industry.
  2. Flexibility – This a not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ package. You are able to organise policies limits that suit your business, while still taking advantage of the broader cover at lower costs due to Gallagher’s exclusive partnership.
  3. Extra cover at no extra cost – Your individual professional indemnity cover includes protection for breaches of the Trade Practices Act (misleading and deceptive conduct), defamation, court inquiry cost, cover arising from actions of consultant, sub-contractors, agents and attendance at inquires. 

How do I make a claim?

 Please contact Gallagher as soon as you become aware of an event that might ‘trigger’ your policy into action. Gallagher will guide you through the claims process and help effect a speedy resolution.

Find out more about Gallagher’s highly competitive and tailored risk management insurance solutions, and apply online here.

If you have any queries about any aspect of your business insurance program, contact Gallagher’s dedicated AWIA broker, Lloyd Moore, on 1800 727 642 or email  [email protected]

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