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The history of AWIA

The Australian Web Industry Association (AWIA) was founded in 2002 in Western Australia and grew out of the passion of a few dedicated web developers, wanting to come together and do better work. And now, AWIA serves Australia’s booming web industry as the leading organisation for award-winning work, professional development and peer-to-peer support.


Our purpose

AWIA represents every person in our industry who is ethical and professional – developers, designers, hosts, managers, consultants, SEOs, marketers, sys admins, content providers and social media experts.

We want our members to: 

  • Meet each other and develop friendships
  • Learn new skills 
  • Start businesses and be profitable
  • Make a difference and be influential 
  • Debate issues
  • And like it says in our constitution, have fun.


What we do

Well-run professional associations can do things that an individual can’t. They can run programs and campaigns. They can influence how business, government, students and the general public view an industry – they can even influence profitability. 

But none of these things are going to happen unless you help us get our ducks in line.

This is YOUR association – let’s turn AWIA into something you’re proud to belong to. And something that gives you real benefits. 

Join today – then turn up and start talking about your evolving web industry. Let AWIA know what’s concerning you, and together we can fix it.




Everyone is welcome to attend – members get free entry, so see what’s happening in your nearest major city:


The Australian Web Awards

The Australian Web Awards showcase the outstanding work of web professionals. The awards have been running for more than a decade, having grown from a few categories into what they are today – a nationally celebrated gala event and sought-after conference, Edge of the Web.

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AWIA is overseen by in-demand industry professionals 

AWIA’s board of directors is comprised of web experts from various disciplines. They come together monthly to plan events and orchestrate the Australian Web Awards. Directors hail from all over Australia and are in high-demand for their chosen craft. 

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